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Visual Identity

Cremeyl Logo

Project Brief

Cremeyl is a distinguished high-fashion apparel brand that seamlessly blends everyday wearability with an aura of opulence, ensuring each garment enhances the natural contours of the human body. By offering premium yet affordable pieces, Cremeyl allows customers to indulge in the latest trends, elevating their wardrobe with chic, luxurious designs. Cremeyl believes in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences, one stylish outfit at a time.

A gradually thinning inline is a visual depiction of Cremeyl’s focus on appreciating all body contours. The Leopard symbolizes strength, perception, self-reliance, authenticity, and rare beauty. These are some of the attributes that can be used to describe Cremeyl. Furthermore, the leopard is also a representation of India in the logo. A serif font has been used to bring in an element of luxury.

A unique colour palette that has been diligently picked keeping in mind different focuses of Cremeyl. Black and white bring out power, elegance and luxury in the brand. Basing the logo on these two colours help maintain versatility which is important when designing apparel. As part of the extended palette, a dark shade of orange has been used to symbolize warmth and energy. A shade of green has been used to show freshness as well as quality. To balance out the contrast, a light shade of pink has been used, showing care and compassion. The Dark Orange, Green and White in the palette also resemble the colours of the Indian flag, aimed to show where the brand is based.

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