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Soha Editions

Visual Identity

Soha Editions Logo

Project Brief

Soha Editions, a home decor brand headquartered in Raipur, epitomizes the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and natural elegance. They combine traditional techniques with contemporary design sensibilities to create unique and sustainable home decor pieces.

The logo is built using two major elements. The first is the official tree of Chhattisgarh, the Sal tree. Within, the Raipur map has been incorporated. These two elements are supported by the structure of a home, to give a hint of
the line of work Soha Editions is involved in.

The colours used in the logo of Soha Editions are earthly
tones. The shades of brown, forming a linear gradient from light to dark, aim at giving a “natural” and “handcrafted” perception, while also communicating the trustworthy and dependable attributes to customers. According to the colour psychology, the shade of rich black provides a sense of luxury and elegance. The figures have been highlighted with a copper outline.

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