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Spark 11

Visual Identity

Spark 11

Project Brief

Calicut's Spark 11, a state-of-the-art car cleaning studio, has made a name for itself for car enthusiasts looking for the best maintenance and detailing services. Spark 11 provides a wide range of services, such as paint correction, ceramic coating, exterior and interior finishing, and cutting-edge protection treatments. By utilizing cutting-edge tools and environmentally friendly materials, the studio's staff of highly qualified experts guarantees that every vehicle gets the best possible care.

The colours used in this logo bring out a minimalistic touch. Black is a colour of sophistication, power and elegance. This has been used as a contrasting background. On the black background, a silver gradient is used to give a luxurious and clean touch. This colour symbolizes a shine that is attained in the vehicles after their service by Spark 11. These colours have been deduced from the attributes associated with the business Spark 11 is engaged in.

As Spark 11 is engaged in the art of beautifying and detailing cars, this logo draws its muse from the stripes used as an accessory to beautify cars. The stripes are often considered a tasteful touch in cars. The stripes in the logo have been placed in a way that resembles the wings of an eagle. The eagle symbolises purity, quality and elegance, depicted by each of the stripes.

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