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Visual Identity


Project Brief

TopCon is a dynamic construction and engineering services company specializing in comprehensive turnkey projects for both residential and commercial sectors. They deliver high-quality construction and interior decoration services, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards. Their expertise extends to detailed engineering services including precise building plans, accurate cost estimations, and thorough land survey works.

The negative space forms an upward pointing arrow, used to show the idea of being “Top”. The negative space has the letter “T” placed within it which is derived from Top Con. There is a 2D structure of a house within the logo. The negative space forms the sloping roof structure, symbolizing the home interiors part of the business. The 2D structure of the house also doubles as a 3D structured building with the 3-dimensional effect being formed by horizontal and sloping lines. This is aimed at portraying the construction aspect of Top Con.

Blue is often associated with trust, professionalism, and reliability—qualities essential for a construction and engineering services company. This colour can evoke a sense of security and dependability, reassuring clients that TopCon is a trustworthy partner capable of delivering high-quality projects.

Grey, on the other hand, conveys a sense of sophistication, balance, and neutrality. It complements blue by adding a touch of elegance and modernity to the logo, suggesting that TopCon is not only reliable but also innovative and contemporary in its approach.

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