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Adonai Bakes & Confectioneries

Visual Identity

Adonai Bakes & Confectioneries Logo

Project Brief

Adonai Bakes & Confectioneries is a premier gourmet cloud bakery based in Chennai, focused on artisanal pastries, cakes, and confectioneries that blend traditional recipes with contemporary flair. Established with a commitment to quality and innovation, Adonai Bakes offers an exquisite range of baked goods, meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients.

This logo draws inspiration from the main ingredient that is used in baked items, wheat. Two stalks of wheat are placed as the main focus, to symbolize the freshly baked offerings.

The colours used in the logo of Adonai are dark brown and caramel brown. The dark brown colour adds a touch of class, attributable to the gourmet products offered by Adonai. According to the colour psychology, darker colours conveys elegance to those who come across it. 

The shade of brown helps viewers of the logo associate it with the food industry, particularly bakeries. This colour further invokes a feeling of comfort and honesty, which is extremely important in the line of business Adonai is engaged in.

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