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Custom Design Package

K&M Logo

Project Brief

Knits&More (K&M) is a contemporary apparel brand based in Bangalore, specializing in stylish and high-quality knitwear for women. Established with a vision to blend fashion with comfort, K&M brings a modern twist to traditional knitting techniques, creating unique and trendsetting pieces. K&M positions itself as a premium brand in the knitwear segment, targeting fashion-conscious women who value quality and sustainability.

The business cards and envelopes for Knits&More (K&M) exude a sense of luxury and professionalism through its elegant design and thoughtful use of colours and typography. The balanced layout and clear hierarchy of information make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. The minimalistic approach with a touch of geometric patterns reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and modernity, appealing to a sophisticated and fashion-conscious audience.

The Knits&More catalogue combines functionality with aesthetics. The use of bold red accents against a neutral background creates a vibrant and dynamic look that captures the essence of the brand. The thoughtful layout and high-quality imagery ensure that the content is engaging and easy to navigate. It effectively communicates the brand’s identity and values, making a strong impression on the reader.

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