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Visual Identity


Project Brief

Siri is a dynamic decor and event company based in the vibrant city of Bangalore. Siri embodies a fresh perspective and innovative approach in the event decor industry, bringing dreams to life through exquisite and meticulously crafted decor solutions.

The intricate floral elements within the hexagon represent growth, beauty, and elegance. Flowers are often a central part of decor in events, symbolizing celebration and life. The name "SIRI" is written in an elegant, serif font, exuding sophistication and grace. The capital letters convey strength and confidence, reflecting the brand's reliability and excellence. The hexagon is a strong geometric shape that symbolizes harmony, balance, and structure reflecting the precision and meticulous planning that Siri brings to each event.

Incorporating orange and coral into Siri's color palette not only enhances the visual appeal of events but also imbues them with cultural significance, emotional warmth, and modern elegance. These colors align perfectly with Siri’s mission to create unforgettable and meaningful experiences, making every event a celebration of life and joy.

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