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Soha Homes

Visual Identity

Explanation of concept of the Soha Homes logo

Project Brief

Soha Homes is a luxury furniture store offering an array of high-end home decor options, featuring multiple prestigious brands. The store aims to provide an immersive and experiential shopping experience for high-end clients, architects, and interior designers. The objective of this project is to develop a cohesive and distinguished brand identity that reflects Soha Homes' values of exclusivity, bespoke offerings, and creativity.

The logo features an offset 'O' that was designed to symbolize the element of exclusivity and "bespoke" collections offered. In order to add a character of continuity, flowing lines have been incorporated in the logo along with a modified serif font bringing out the element of luxury. 

A unique colour palette has been diligently picked keeping in mind different focuses of SOHA Homes. The main tone of brown is to show the dependability and stability in the brand. Basing the logo on shades of brown help maintain versatility and create a homely aura.


As part of the extended palette, the colours are selected to balance out the contrast. The logo is placed in two variations in colour which enables easy recreation on print. A separate web-only version can be designed utilizing a gradient shade in place of solid colours.

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