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Tips & Plans

Visual Identity

Tips&Plans logo

Project Brief

Tips&Plans is a premier air conditioner services company headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, specializing in a comprehensive range of services including sales, planning and designing, VRF systems, duct works, and ongoing service and maintenance. By leveraging advanced technology and a skilled team, the company delivers superior air conditioning services that meet the highest standards of comfort and energy efficiency, solidifying its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

The natural elements - snowflakes and leaves are the muse for this logo. Snowflakes are often used to represent cooling. In addition, a snowflake is a sign of purity and uniqueness. The green leaves symbolize a touch of nature and growth. It also creates a sense of environment friendliness and regard for a green planet.

The colours used are a pleasant mix of hues of green and blue aimed at helping viewers resonate with the mission and vision of Tips&Plans. The colour green strikes an almost instant thought of nature and relaxation. The colour blue delivers a sense of loyalty, trust and professionalism. These particularly light shades have been chosen keeping in mind the positive perception of the logo and related designs.

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