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Visual Identity


Project Brief

TopNotch is a premier supply chain company specializing in the delivery of high-quality apparel through a seamless e-commerce shopping experience. By leveraging advanced logistics and state-of-the-art technology, TopNotch ensures efficient, reliable, and timely delivery of fashion products to customers worldwide.

The concept behind this logo was derived from the meanings behind planes and shopping bags. The plane symbolizes a presence all over the world, while also explaining the message of distribution. The shopping bag is to convey the message of its e-commerce line of business. 

The colours used in this logo design are predominantly shades of blue, along with greyscale shades which help viewers resonate the mission and vision of TOPNOTCH Supply Chain Pvt Ltd. Blue is used as a colour to signify trust and dependability in the colour psychology which is extremely imporant in all fields of business. These particular shades have been chosen to not just instantly attract viewers but also leave a memorable mark.

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